For all PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® tools, we offer full support and various forms of standard training or consulting for successful implementation into practice. We have more than 25 years of practical experience in methods and tools of continuous improvement in training courses in our company or at clients’ locations. Our knowledge is drawn from the most credible institutions from all around the world, and by combining it with our experience, we have helped many individuals and companies to achieve better business results.

Training and implementation is led by one of our certified PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® consultant.

Public Training

Group training is offered at different places and times per year in countries where our partners and PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® consultants are present.

The advantages of group training include:

  1. learning all about PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® methods in a cost-effective manner;
  2. exchanging knowledge and experiences with people from different backgrounds…
Onsite Training

For all PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® tools, we offer training courses on-site, at your facility or in a training place of your choice.

The advantage of onsite training is that we can work on real cases and knowledge, and costs can be shared with a larger group of participants in the enterprise.


Our authorized partners and their certified PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® consultants have the ability to support the implementation of the tools in practice.

Find out more about our international network and the possibilities of supporting your project.


In the price of our services basic support is included. We usually provide basic support with online conferencing, emails and phone.

For all those who would like special or additional training or have specific needs, we will do our best to satisfy you.

Thanks to our professional staff and the continuous improvements of our programs and services, we are confident that we will fully meet your needs.



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