Company DEMETRA Lean Way d.o.o., was founded with the aim of improving manufacturing and business practices in accordance with LEAN principles – especially where leadership is committed to the promotion of employees, improving working conditions and efficiency.

With more than 25 years of practical experience with the methods and tools of continuous improvement (TPM, 5S, KAIZEN, visual management, DMAIC, PDCA, QC story, A3 ...), it is the cornerstone of cooperation agreements with global consulting companies, in the implementation of global projects in the field of LEAN ORGANIZATION and LEAN MANUFACTURING.

Especially for those more demanding customers who like new technologies in the process of continuous improvement, we have developed a unique computer application under the protected brand named PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD. It contains a set of tools for systemic problem-solving, analysis of breakdowns or failures, control of key performance indicators, management of anomalies and near misses, implementation of audits and similar solutions for easier and more efficient daily work.

From this point of view follows our decision that we have the word "PERFORMANCE" used in the title of the application. The second part of the title, "STORYBOARD" (story and board), illustrates another important feature of our solutions. Today's working processes are very complex, serving many activities, so it is difficult to handle and understand them all perfectly. It is much easier if we are more structured (like in a logical story) and transparent (like in a visual display on the board).

With the computer application PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD we are following the modern trends in the field of work organization and management, and have even upgraded them.

The software is available around the whole world. In some countries, we offer support also in local language, thru our certified network partners.



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