We founded company DEMETRA Lean Way in 2012, due to our passion and commitment to continuous improvement.

We are specialised in optimising business processes, especially in production and also in the service industry. We want to offer our customers a complete package: consulting projects for process optimisation, physical products SESA SYSTEMS for work arrangement and visual image of the company, and software tools PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD to make an advanced step in the digitisation of processes.

For us, constant progress is not only to develop our partners' processes to the best of our ability through various projects, but we also want to develop our own processes and in this way grow, offer more and better, to all our customers.

We can boast with more than 30 years of practical experience working with methods and tools for continuous improvement (such as TPM - Total Productive Maintenance, 5S, KAIZEN, visual management, DMAIC, PDCA, QC story, A3, 8D ... We transformed the acquired experience and knowledge from the field into digital form. We have developed a software solution called PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD.

This excellent solution includes a range of tools for managing key performance indicators, systemic problem solving, near-miss management, potential risk management, key failure indicators analysis, systematic audits, structured management maintenance, task management.

In fact, we are just at the beginning of the journey!