PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® is a digital solution that includes a range of tools for regular working processes, especially for continuous improvement processes. The base for those tools are proven and internationally recognised methods, such as 5S, Kaizen, TPM - Total Productive Maintenance, 6 SIGMA and other problem solving and waste elimination projects, based on PDCA, DMAIC principles.

PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® can ensure more effective work activities, such as problem-solving, projects of chronic losses or waste elimination, treatment of near misses, management of potential risks for errors or abnormalities, KPI analysis, carrying out audits and other assessments, for the management of major failure breakdowns on machines, etc.


All of you, who perform different methods of LEAN organisation, certainly know how difficult it is to control a large number of continuous improvement processes, activities. You spent too much time and energy on communication to ensure reliable and clear information to all employees.

With PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® software, you will provide more structured work, traceability and significantly improve the visual control and optimise the regular workflows and processes of continuous improvement, precisely because of the many obstacles posed by work on paper.

Paperless factory


improve your daily LEAN activities,

get simple and visual tools for everyday work,

save time and money,

spend less energy and materials and in this way positively impact on environment,

make activities such as problem solving, waste elimination, auditing and KPI management more efficient,

upgrade processes of continuous improvement.

 Computer application PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® allows you to:

✔  Shorten a case process time up to 25%.

  Increase OUTPUT by 45%.

  Improve supervision and transparency between all hierarchical levels by 100%.

  Improve satisfaction of employees.

  Raise the quality and robustness of information processing in real time.

ACP - Analysis of Causes for Problem 

ACP - Analysis of Causes for Problem is a multi-purpose tool for solving complex problems, the implementation of waste elimination projects, to respond when a KPI - Key Performance Indicator - is not achieved, and so on. The tool guides the user step by step, from the beginning, when we define the problem, through the root cause analysis, to the activities for the final elimination. The tool helps us to make process of analysing and monitoring of activities more interconnected. Practically, we have a register and display of the entire process, from beginning to end in one place.

With ACP we can upgrade or replace classical analysis or methods that are usually documented in paper form, such as: QC story, A3 problem solving, 8D report, and other similar tools for problem solving. ACP can be the base for projects of chronic losses elimination and other projects based on the PDCA, DMAIC … structure.

SAM - Small Activity Management

SAM - Small Activity Management is a tool for the structured management of minor or regular activities. With SAM you can manage each separate activity or group of activities related to the individual case. This may be a classic work activity, activities related to abnormalities, near misses, etc. The main advantage is that we can treat activity in a fast way, straight from case to the action, or a structured way according to the principle of PDCA. This method comprises of the following: visually displaying the location of the case on the picture (layout, photo of process or machine …), documenting the case, simple root cause analysis (in the case of a hazardous event, repeated error ...), direct communication and validation of activities.

With SAM, we can replace the classical action list on paper, boards, spreadsheets, tagging cards, near-misses cards or any other approach when we are solving the root causes of abnormalities or near misses.

DAM - Daily Audit or Assessment Management

DAM - Daily Audit or Assessment Management is a computer tool to automate the audit processes. In DAM we can design different questionnaires for various evaluation scales. The program includes direct communication and the management of corrective or improvement activities arising from the findings on the evaluation.

With DAM we can perfectly replace the classic way of auditing and other assessments through questionnaires on paper, as well as conducting activities in spreadsheets. Assessments can be carried out easily with computers, tablets or smartphones.

ESB - Enterprise Schedule Builder

ESB - Enterprise Schedule Builder

ESB - Enterprise Schedule Builder enables you both, systematic planning of events (meetings, working group meetings, etc.), as well as project management.

Meetings, group work and projects are an integral part of every professional environment. They enable us networking among employees, sharing of ideas, getting acquainted with the situation, sharing the tasks that need to be done, monitoring the realization, problem-solving ... When we examine the workflow, we are faced with many opportunities to improve: working processes, passing or exchanging important information, unclear INPUT and OUTPUT regarding the individual meeting, the phase of the project, the work operative in the group ...

With ESB - Enterprise Schedule Builder, we can efficiently run various projects and manage work meetings.

A solution for everyone who wants to simplify the organising and keeping track of summaries and have a complete overview of INPUT and OUTPUT events, including project management.


PMB - Performance Management Board

PMB - Performance Management Board

PMB - Performance Management Board, enables you systematic monitoring and management of KPI - Key Performance Indicators. Basic indicators are presented in a visual manner, which is in the case of underperformance, resolved quickly with guided corrective actions or perform other treatment, such as more detailed analysis of the underlying causes that have contributed that set targets are not met. This option is available in conjunction with other tools PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD®.

The tool can be an excellent substitute for classical or manually monitoring the results and make the management of  KPI - Key Performance Indicators, more reliable and structured.

ACF - Analysis of Causes for Failure  

ACF - Analysis of Causes for Failure, is an analytical tool for major breakdowns or failures of machines. With ACF we analyse the maintenance intervention times to improve maintainability, discover root causes to improve reliability and perform other activities in order to reduce maintenance costs and downtimes.

With ACF it is possible to treat breakdowns or failures significantly more efficient than in conventional processes. In addition to optimizing the maintenance process, we provide the capitalization of experience (knowledge transfer) in a QUICK and effective way, so when a similar failure occurs again, we can quickly and easily obtain our experience from the past.

VCB - Visual Communication Board

VCB - Visual Communication Board

VCB - Visual Communication Board is a software tool for general and local electronic communications anywhere within the company. Documents can be displayed on different screens and in various formats. Eg.: to display notifications at the reception, security alerts in the production hall, various indicators, monitoring production, etc.; a solution that replaces traditional displays or billboards.

The tool enables the presentation of information that relates to activities in work units or processes, in digital form, instead of boards or other paper carriers of information.

The solution can replace the classic way of displaying information and documents on panels or billboards. It also includes a module for conducting internal audits, including analytics.

BDM - Business Document Management

BDM - Business Document Management

BDM - Business Document Management tool will help you in organising and displaying the documents you need at a particular workplace. Furthermore, the tool comprising us to keep records of documents, including the process of document approval.

BDM allows you to organise documents according to the place of display and use, to have the necessary document at hand exactly when you need it.

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