Performance Management Board

Performance Management Board

PMB is a software tool for systematic monitoring and managing KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Basic indicators are presented visually so if failure occurs, we solve them quickly with guided corrective actions or perform other treatment, such as more detailed analysis of the root causes that have contributed to unattained set objectives. This option is available in combination with other PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® tools.

The tool can perfectly replace manually monitoring the results and make the management of key performance indicators more reliable and structured.

Performance Management Board

The management of Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

  Structured and efficient.

  With a computer, without loss of information, and a simple history overview.

✔  Visually and transparently by hierarchical levels.


  To manage activities by groups.

✔  Coping with hazardous events and other deficiencies.

  For simple analysis of the root cause.


Performance Management Board

The advantages and purpose of  PMB tools:

✔  Management of key indicators is visual and structured.

  Information is stored on the web server, which we can access with a username and password, anywhere we have internet access.

✔  Save materials, since there is no need to print documents.

✔  We are more efficient because there is no need for copying, scanning, archiving documents.

  Entering data in one place. Display is possible on different positions and in different shapes.

✔  The database of all cases is reasonable and archived in one place.

✔  Search for previous cases and findings quickly and easily.

  Direct communication to activity holders, superiors, participants, who has entered e-mail.

✔  With underachievement results, it is possible to solve problems by using other tools.

✔  Indicator management includes a SWOT analysis.

✔  Integrated standard analytics of missed deadlines, activity owners, results, and trend of progression...

  Possible exporting to excel for individual data processing.

Performance Management Board

Computer application PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® allows you to:

✔  Shorten a case process time up to 25%.

✔  Increase OUTPUT by 45%.

✔  Improve supervision and transparency between all hierarchical levels by 100%.

  Improve satisfaction of employees.

  Raise the quality and robustness of information processing in real time.