Small Activity Management

Small Activity Management

SAM is a software tool for minor activities managing. 

Classic activities like tagging, near miss, solving simple problems, working in a team, finding the root cause by 5 why analyses, running on spreadsheets, can be replaced with just one tool. We call it SAM - Small Activity Management.

In addition to universality, the strengths of SAM tools are simplicity and visibility.

The advantage of the tool is that we can solve specific cases quickly (directly from case to action) or in a simple, structured manner, according to the PDCA cycle.

This mode contains:

  • Visual location display of the case in the picture,
  • Case documenting,
  • Easy root cause resolution (for repeated defects, dangerous events),
  • Informing and confirming …


It is a great tool for task management and continuous improvement activities.

Small Activity Management

The advantages and purpose of  SAM tools:

  • This tool is intended for activity managing in a structured way, visualization examples in the photo, simple root cause analysis…
  • Information is stored on the web server, which we can access with a username and password, anywhere we have internet access.
  • Save materials, since there is no need to print documents.
  • We are more efficient because there is no need for copying, scanning, archiving documents.
  • Entering data in one place. The display is possible in different positions and in different shapes.
  • The database of all cases is reasonable and archived in one place; no searching for documents across different locations.
  • Search for previous cases and findings quickly and easily.
  • Direct communication with activity holders, superiors, participants, who has entered e-mail.
  • Integrated standard analytics of missed deadlines, activity owners, results, and trend of progression...
  • Possible exporting to excel for individual data processing.
Small Activity Management_Case definition

Activity management and dealing with potential losses:

Structured and visual.

With a computer, without loss of information, and a simple history overview.

Universal use on the basis of the world's proven methods


  To manage activities by groups.

  Coping with hazardous events and other deficiencies.

  For simple root cause analysis.

Small Activity Management_PDCA

Computer application PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® allows you to:

✔  Shorten a case process time up to 25%.

✔  Increase OUTPUT by 45%.

✔  Improve supervision and transparency between all hierarchical levels by 100%.

 Improve satisfaction of employees.

✔  Raise the quality and robustness of information processing in real time.