The Power of Digital Signage Software: Engage, Impress, and Save!

VCB (Visual Communication Board) is the best solution for effective and attractive real-time digital signage and advertising software for your business. 

Ditch print media limitations! Upgrade to dynamic digital signage software for seamless communication with employees, customers, and partners. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility, lower costs, and higher ROI. Elevate your brand's presence and unlock extraordinary results today!

The solution can replace the traditional displaying information and documents on panels or billboards. It also includes a module for conducting internal audits, including analytics.

With VCB, you can easily display diverse content on one or thousands of screens while conveniently controlling everything from a centralised platform. Changes and new content are updated in real-time and are visible immediately.

You can include various media formats such as photos, PDF and MP4. You can adjust the duration of each display to suit your specific needs. VCB also allows you to insert text banners that display dynamically on the screen. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, you can create content in seconds. You can display it on as many screens as you like, with no license restrictions holding you back.

With the intuitive VCB module, you can easily customise and design engaging content, such as welcome at the reception, information about the company, recognisable messages, advertisements, and warnings... You can also include live sources of websites or other online content in the presentation.

VCB allows you to create and display content across your locations, increasing your reach and impact. By choosing VCB, you will unlock a range of advantages to improve your communication strategy. Impress your target audience with engaging live content on digital information screens.

Thanks to cloud technology, you efficiently manage all content on information screens from your computer, tablet or phone, regardless of location. When the content is played, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that your data is safe and accessible with VCB's reliable cloud solution.

Upgrade your communications strategy today with VCB - a simple, powerful, cost-effective tool that will transform your digital signage management.


  • Display diverse content on one or thousands of screens
  • Customization features to create compelling content
  • Add various media formats, such as photos, PDFs, and MP4s
  • Real-time updates


  • Easily display rolling content
  • Impress your audience
  • Welcome visitors with a modern first impression
  • Elevate your brand image
  • The most straightforward digital signage software
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Central control


  • Shorten a work process time up to 25%
  • Increase productivity by 45%
  • Improve supervision and transparency between all hierarchical levels by 100%
  • Improve engagement and satisfaction of employees
  • Raise the quality and robustness of information processing in real time
  • Great user experience