ACF - Analysis of Causes for Failure - Root cause

Analysis of Causes for Failure

ACF is an analytical tool for solving larger breakdowns or failures on machines (Major Breakdown Analysis), which is designed to avoid increasing failures and optimizing the process of the intervention or curative maintenance. The tool guides the user step-by-step, from the beginning of the solving, through the analysis of the time of intervention, identifying root cause, to optimizing costs and eliminating the causes of failure.

With the ACF tool, we are treating defects or failures more efficiently than in conventional processes. Besides optimizing the maintenance process, we provide the capitalization of experience (knowledge transfer), which can be quickly and effectively used at all similar repeated failures.

ACF Analyses of Causes for Failure
ACF Analyses of Causes for Failure_Time optimisation

What is ACF?

  • The manner of dealing with larger or longer failures or maintenance interventions.
  • Official presentation and proof of an individual or a working group on this failure.
  • The obligatory process at all major failures or long interruptions.
  • The process, which enables a more structured thinking.
  • Way to acquire and transfer skills.
  • The basis for determining the corrective actions to:

prevent a recurrence of failure or its "mitigating";

improve processes in case of failures - interventions;

reduce maintenance costs;

improve employee skills ...

The advantages and purpose of ACF tools:

  • To solve larger (longer) failures on structured way and from start to finish in one place;
  • Computer processing is more efficient than paper because there is no need for copying, scanning, archiving documents;
  • Keeping all major failure cases and certain activities centralized in the common list, showing the link between cases and activities;
  • Searching for previous cases and findings are quick and easy. At current interventions, we can use the experience of past cases;
  • Direct communication using electronic mail (for activity owners, superiors, participants) about cases of failures;
  • Automatic notification of latecomers, forwarding messages…
  • Integrated standard analytics of missed deadlines, activity owners, results, and trend of progression.
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Control larger failures on machines:

  Structured and efficient.

✔  With a computer, without loss of information, and a simple history overview.

✔  Identify the root causes and fix the defects at the source…


  On maintenance and manufacturing, where you want to improve the reliability and maintainability.

✔  For all those who want to upgrade the existing practice of analysis and treatment of major failure.


ACF Analyses of Causes for Failure Visual Display

Computer application PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® allows you to:

✔  Shorten a case process time up to 25%.

✔  Increase OUTPUT by 45%.

✔  Improve supervision and transparency between all hierarchical levels by 100%.

✔  Improve satisfaction of employees.

✔  Raise the quality and robustness of information processing in real time.

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