The journey of business excellence



Dear Managers, Business Strategists, LEAN Enthusiasts


We are living in the VUCA era; all these challenges are actually an excellent opportunity to work even better to satisfy all stakeholders, especially the customers!

Many organizations have recognized the tremendous opportunity to enhance their competitiveness through continuous improvement and loss reduction decades ago. They are steadfastly working towards implementing a LEAN mindset and culture across the entire company daily. Due to all these good experiences, more and more companies are following this philosophy - practice.

In pursuing business excellence, the ability to deliver high-quality products and services on time and at competitive prices holds significant value. The customer is not interested in how much resources we spent or how many problems we had to solve; what truly matters is the seamless experience they receive.

From this perspective, it is essential to eliminate non-value-added activities and minimize all other forms of losses. Only then can we truly achieve greatness in our endeavours.

Being LEAN is not just an operational concept; it is a strategic imperative. Whether we fully realize it or not, embracing a LEAN philosophy can determine the trajectory of our businesses, leading them towards unparalleled success.

Given this, we're thrilled to invite you, strategic decision-makers, and fellow professionals who share our mindset for the upcoming international event: "The Journey of Business Excellence."

This event is set to happen in SLOVENIA, in the city of Ljubljana, on October 26th, 2023. It's a golden opportunity for Managers and business Strategists eager to discover the keys to achieving long-lasting excellence.


International experts

Throughout the one-day dynamic event, our esteemed speakers will share their invaluable insights and experiences, guiding participants to understand and implement the principles of LEAN thinking and Operational Excellence. With a focus on continuous improvement & innovation, customer-centricity, and efficiency, the content will cover many crucial aspects.



Our lecturers, practitioners in leading industries, will give knowledge about their best practices, stories, examples and issues in everyday business. The result will be practical knowledge, which you can promptly adopt in your business. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner or a professional, it will inspire you to make new strategic decisions.

Moreover, a captivating round table discussion will unite all our lecturers, encouraging meaningful dialogue with the attendees. The aim is to address specific challenges that modern businesses face and explore the tremendous opportunities for growth and improvement on the journey to excellence.

The purpose of the professional speaker is to present experiences and examples of good practice to everyone who strives to implement or upgrade an organizational model of excellence by taking into account Lean Management methods and tools at the highest global level.

Sharing the vision of developing lean management in the direction of artificial intelligence will be invaluable.



The journey from a conventional company to a World Class Company is an ongoing process and requires dedication, persistence, and a commitment to a culture of continuous improvement. It often takes several years to fully embrace Lean principles and achieve the desired efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Through the program's content, we will present the development from a typical "firefighting organization ", what the first steps in Lean look like, and further multiple experiments of progression to the world's best practice.

Not only that but based on our experience and general trends, we will also predict the future of Lean management, which will be characterized by artificial intelligence.

You probably haven't experienced all this before at any similar event.


  • Embracing Business Excellence in the VUCA Era: Navigating the Future of Management.
  • LEAN Thinking Fundamentals: Simplifying Complex Times.
  • Artificial Intelligence Redefining Management: A Glimpse into Tomorrow.
  • Continuous Improvement and Process Optimization: The Key to Competitive Advantage.
  • Global Excellence: Organizational Models that Transcend Boundaries.
  • Operational Excellence: A Strategic Imperative.
  • Problem-Solving Power: Strategic Asset for the Future.






As a testament to our commitment to fostering collaborative relationships, the event will offer ample networking opportunities during breaks and conclude with a final banquet, which will be prepared by this year’s new Slovenian Masterchef, Zala Pungeršič.





09:00 - 09:35TOVARNA PRIHODNOSTIYohan Grillot - CEO | SESA SYSTEMS - Francija
09:40 - 10:10KVP - PROCES STALNIH IZBOLJŠAV IN KATA COACHINGMarko Jagar - Vodja vitke proizvodnje | Carthago d.o.o.
10:40 - 11:10KLJUČNI KADRI IN KOMPETENCE ZA USPEH LEAN SISTEMA 4.0Bojan Šinkovec - CEO | DEMETRA Lean Way d.o.o.
11:15 - 11:50SINERGIJA JAPONSKE IN SLOVENSKE KULTURE ZA USPEHHubert Kosler in Andrej Gornik | Yaskawa
11:50 - 12:40ODMOR ZA KOSILO
12:40 - 13:10IZZIVI PRI IMPLEMENTACIJI KAIZEN FILOZOFIJEVladimir Martinenko | Marty Consulting
13:15 - 13:45IZGRADNJA MODELA ODLIČNOSTIMag. Sintija Križnič | Elpro Križnič d.o.o.
13:50 - 14:25PRIKAZ DELOVANJA KONCEPTA LEAN SISTEM 4.0Tadej Travnikar - CSM | DEMETRA Lean Way d.o.o.
14:30 - 14:50CENTER LEAN ODLIČNOSTIBojan Šinkovec - CEO | DEMETRA Lean Way d.o.o.

Visual management for more clarity and fewer losses

Cyrille GROULT; Commercial Manager  SESA SYSTEMS

SESA SYSTEMS, an industrial furniture manufacturer, was founded by Jean-Paul Lerailler in 1990. Developing innovative products since their creation, they have continued to revolutionize the work of operators. After having created the first QUALITY POINTS and developed a complete range of Visual Management products, SESA SYSTEMS tackled the development of tools dedicated to LEAN Manufacturing.

As an innovative industrial furniture manufacturer, they facilitate progress in many industrial and service companies worldwide.

Through continuous cooperation with customers, they have contributed to countless improvements for safety, ergonomics, productivity, quality, and optimization of deadlines and thus contributed to millions of savings and sustainable development.


  • The concept of a visual factory.
  • How we make true our mission of continuous improvement.
  • Good Examples of LEAN & VISUAL MANAGEMENT from practice.

Cyrille Groult

Bojan Šinkovec

Why Business Excellence is a journey and not a goal

Bojan Šinkovec; CEO, Lean Practitioner | DEMETRA Lean Way d.o.o.

DEMETRA Lean Way is a leading company in spreading Lean practices and culture. The pioneer in digitalization of Lean management, a modern approach to management that emphasizes continuous improvement, waste reduction, and value creation for customers.

The transformation from traditional to Lean management includes a commitment to moving from an old way of doing business to a new way of doing business. It requires complete dedication and transformation in how a company conducts business.

Lean is not an endpoint but an ongoing journey that takes a long-term perspective and active commitment. The journey is not easy! There are many challenges and roadblocks along the way to business excellence.


  • The VUCA era is a huge opportunity for progress.
  • Challenges in the journey to business excellence / sharing 35 years of experience.
  • The transformation from traditional to LEAN management.

The benefits and concerns of digitalization

Iztok Novak, CEO | Polycom d.o.o.

Polycom manufactures premium, reliable and safe polymer products that meet the high standards of even the most demanding industries. From the automotive industry to IIOT components and specific products for other industries.

They employ a range of 300 experts who create unique and innovative solutions with their broad knowledge and rich experience.

Polycom is one of the most successful companies in Slovenia for a reason! Their genuine mentality, culture, and the digitalization of Continuous Improvement processes such as Layered Process audits, problem-solving, shopfloor meetings, small team activities, and other Lean organization processes make them different and better.

All those interesting experiences of an innovative company that constantly ventures into development, including the digitalization of improvement processes, are good cases of Lean practice.


  • Experience with digitalization of Lean methods and tools.
  • Which Lean processes did we digitize first and why?
  • Benefits and pitfalls of digitalization.

Iztok Novak

Andrej Gornik

Synergy of Japanese and Slovenian culture for success

Andrej Gornik, Operation ManagerYASKAWA EUROPE ROBOTICS

The Yaskawa Electric Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of servos, motion controllers, AC motor drives, switches and industrial robots. Their Motoman robots are heavy-duty industrial robots used in welding, packaging, assembly, coating, cutting, material handling and general automation.

Yaskawa is a multiple recipient of the Innovation Award as one of Derwent's Top 100 Best Global Innovators.

A part of this global success is the robot producer and also developer from Slovenia. A place where all people pursue their passion – driven by the vision of a smarter future with advanced technologies that save precious time and energy.

Through continuous improvement, they increase the performances and contribute to the evolution of business and society, ensuring a healthy environment – for a sustainable planet for all of us.


  • The synergy of Japanese discipline and Slovenian pragmatism.
  • Every day is an opportunity to improve.
  • Our experience in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Problem-solving as # 1 competence

Krzysztof Robak; Senior Lean Manager DS Smith & Bojan Šinkovec; DEMETRA Lean Way


DS Smith is a leading provider of corrugated packaging solutions worldwide. Over the past 80 years, the organization has grown dramatically, as have their services and areas of expertise.

Today, DS Smith operates in more than 34 different countries, proudly employing around 30,000 people. Thanks to the skills, knowledge and problem-solving capabilities of employees, they provide strategic support to the customer across their entire packaging Supply Cycle.


  • A model of excellence to realize our vision.
  • The strategic importance of problem-solving.
  • Digital technology enables better solutions.
  • A Vision of how artificial intelligence will influence management in the coming decades.

Krzysztof Robak

Chris Poole

How a Zero Loss mindset transforms your performance, your processes and your people

Chris Poole; Lean Expert | Performance Solutions by Milliken


From a humble American general store in 1865 to the global manufacturing leader today, the Milliken team never stops innovating. It all starts with imagining a better world for our children, communities, and customers.

Curiosity sparked the founding of the company Milliken, and curiosity is the force that drives the quest for positivity.

For many years, they have been passing their own knowledge and valuable experience to their partners who strive for global excellence.


  • Milliken’s extensive 30-year history of working with a Zero Loss Mindset.
  • Achieved results and the transformation in culture exhibited.
  • Knowledge & experience in how the process works step by step and witnessing client case studies in action.
  • The approach to how the Milliken team can support your business in the Zero Loss Transformation.

EVENT LOCATION: Four Points by Sheraton  Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons 4*S | Hotel Mons d.o.o., Pot za Brdom 4, 1000 Ljubljana, SloveniaT:00386-1-47-02-700

  • Free Parking
  • 10 % off for booking rooms for the event, including wellness (fitness, sauna, pool)



  • Price for participation in the event: 670 € per person | 590 € for 3+
  • Benefit for early bird registrations until October 6: 570 € per person | 490 € for 3+
  • The gift for early registrations is a book, The Toyota Production System Journey, by Naboru Takeuchi, where you will find many helpful tips for implementing the Lean mindset.


  • For assistance with the registration process, don't hesitate to get in touch with us: or Tel: + 386 (0)7 30 73 081
  • All cancellations are subject to a 100 € fee.
  • Cancellation is possible before October 15, 2023.