Bela Cerkev 9

8220 Šmarješke Toplice

Performance Storyboard practitioner:

Bojan Šinkovec

Phone: +386 7 30 73 081

E-mail: psb@demetra-leanway.com

A.A. Stádium Kft.,

József Attila sgt. 130

6723 Szeged

Performance Storyboard instructor:

Csaba Péczely

Phone: +36-20/565-9826

E-mail: tpm@aastadium.hu


Interview with our Performance Storyboard instructor Mr. Csaba Péczely

Can you tell us something about you and your company?

My name is Csaba Péczely and I work as a productivity improvement consultant for A.A. Stádium Kft. Our main fields of operation are Lean, TPM consulting and condition monitoring at industrial companies.

How do you find the training for PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD instructor?

Our acquaintance with Bojan is dated from 2012 when the founder of our company Dr. György Péczely met him and his views on maintenance problem-solving at the Slovenian National Maintenance Conference Summit, which he found very useful and professional. This acquaintance led to the beginning of our cooperation firstly on testing PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD in January 2016, and later accompanying DEMETRA Lean Way d.o.o. in distributing PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD on the territory of Hungary.

What are your first impressions about the PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD digital LEAN software?

Most companies are struggling with creating their own methods for problem solving, continuous improvement processes and KPI management activities. While trying to create their own systems, they bump into many obstacles, a lot of which they can not overcome. As a result, the initiatives fail to deliver the possible results, and they also create a bad perception towards these methods.

PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD is a fast, efficient and professional solution for these problems. It is a unique app that is capable of bringing structured problem solving and the management of continuous improvement activities to a whole new level. It is a tool that can significantly boost Lean implementation or similar productivity improvement programs, because it helps to make the most important elements of Lean, problem solving, auditing and KPI management work. With PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD, companies do not have to waste resources on creating their own way of problem solving and continuous improvement, they can easily get access to a professional tool, which contains all the necessary features to make those initiatives successful. As a result, problem solving and continuous improvement programs will be able to deliver outstanding results in a short period of time, while the perception towards these methods will be totally positive.

What advantages do you see in computer technology?

PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD applications provide a modern solution to the greatest non-value added activity of lean: administration. Administration of continuous improvement related information in different tables, action lists and finally summarizing the results in presentations puts a huge load of non-value adding work on Lean and TPM practitioners. PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD provides the opportunity to work directly on the gemba, capture real-time photos and information, and at the same time pursue structured problem-solving that is suitable for organizing every related activity and management presentation as well.

Also, the architecture of PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD guarantees an easily accessible, robust and cheap way of usage. It does not need any investment in new network hardware or software, it does not need any specific tools, the only thing that is required for using the system is an Internet connection. This makes all the data to be accessible  from all over the word and transparent.

What will be your goals with PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD?

Since the establishment in 1985 the mission of A.A. Stadium Kft. has been to help our partners increase their productivity by methods which create a solid and continuously developing state. PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD applications fit this mission perfectly by providing a holistic view on structured problem-solving, from the discovery of problems until the follow up of countermeasures by KPIs and audits in one unified system. Our goal is to provide this excellent opportunity for the Hungarian market.

How do you see cooperation with our team in the future?

During the PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD Instructor Course I had the opportunity to meet a team with a real kaizen way of thinking at Demetra Lean Way d.o.o..  I have never experienced such short lead times in IT development as they even implemented a couple of my suggestions during a coffee break. I strongly feel that every condition is given for a long-term and successful cooperation between our teams in the future.


Interview with Mr. Roman Megušar, from company DOMEL d.o.o.

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