Major failure analysis


Failure-based root cause analysis is a method of problem-solving used for identifying the root causes of failure analysis for those employed in engineering and maintenance.

ACF - Analysis of Causes for Failure Analysis is an innovative computer tool for solving major breakdowns or failures of the machine.

In the first place replaces the use of conventional forms, and offers some advantages which allow a more effective curative, and indirectly preventive maintenance.

What is the purpose of ACF tool?

Damage to the machine is, without a doubt, costly. This is not the only concern. Delayed production, dissatisfied customers, unexpected costs and problems could be avoided. The use of spare parts, which deteriorate faster than normal, can maintainers or operators make more rational, with less energy consumption. All of this represents non-inconsiderable losses, which are often not even aware of.

Feature for excellent control of major failure is not only for individual activities or analysis but an integrated system that includes all these elements:

• a tool or a document;
• operational activities;
• organisational system operation;
• behaviour and state of mind (awareness, motivation, skills, availability, perseverance).

With the conventional approach, analysis on paper is very difficult to combine all these elements, because we are facing a series of obstacles that require additional organizational skills, time and energy. In this respect ACF computer tool allows us some advantages:

• 30% faster enrollment than in paper form - no need for copying activities;
• all activities are placed just in one place;
• automation provides a better overview and a more structured use and management;
• analytics and graphical displays provide a basis for improving work systems and organisation;
• at any time we can see the trend of progression;
• an acquired database can be used for many analytical purposes.

The root cause of failure is easier to find with tool ACF - Analysis of Causes for Failure!

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