Terms & Conditions



By agreeing to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, I confirm that they have been read thoroughly and the content is well understood.



The amount of the participation fee depends on the categories shown on https://performance-storyboard.com/the-journey-of-business-excellence/.

Payment should be made after receiving our official offer. Payment should always be made in Euros. Participation at “THE JOURNEY OF BUSINESS EXCELLENCE« event is only possible after advance payment has been made.


The fee for the event includes the possibility of getting access to the event hall & materials, refreshments, lunch, snacks and the final banquet, prepared by Slovenian Masterchef Zala Pungeršič. Free Parking is included.  Each participant will be responsible for their own hotel accommodation and travel expenses.  A 10% discount has been arranged for booking rooms at the hotel where the event will take place, including wellness (fitness, sauna, pool).



Substituting delegate(s) is possible anytime without any extra fees. However, DEMETRA Lean Way would need your notice at least three days prior to the event to make arrangements for the substitute(s).



In case a participant would like to cancel their participation for some unexpected eventualities, such requests must be submitted via email (marketing@demetra-leanway.com). All cancellations are subject to a 100 € fee. Cancellation is possible before October 15, 2023. After this date, cancellations will not be accepted, and no refunds will be possible.

DEMETRA Lean Way reserves the right to make changes to the course of the event and to replace or omit individual lectures or modules. These changes do not entitle you to a refund of the participation fee, parts of it or other expenses.


If DEMETRA Lean Way decides to cancel the event, the participants will receive a 100% refund of their payment. The fees are ONLY refundable if the event is cancelled without a new date.

DEMETRA Lean Way will not be held responsible for events cancelled for reasons beyond their control, such as natural disasters, accidents, sabotage, an outbreak of disease, hostilities, terrorism, etc. However, a full credit note would be given in these cases.



Participant's information is confidential in our database. The participant gives the company DEMETRA Lean Way the authority to keep their information in its database and use the information in any way necessary in connection with the event; otherwise, consent should be sought. Client information will be removed immediately after receiving a written request by email at marketing@demetra-leanway.com.



The information included is strictly meant for the company or person directly receiving this agenda from DEMETRA Lean Way. All intellectual property rights in all materials produced and distributed by DEMETRA Lean Way in connection with this event are expressly reserved. Any unauthorised duplication, publication or distribution is strictly forbidden.



The “THE JOURNEY OF BUSINESS EXCELLENCE EVENT« will be accompanied by photographers, press representatives and videographers. By registering, you agree that the DEMETRA Lean Way may use the photos, audio and/or video recordings made during the event for editorial purposes or for purposes of promoting the event or as part of the DEMETRA Lean Way corporate communications. Rejection of these terms and conditions can mean rejecting registration for “THE JOURNEY OF BUSINESS EXCELLENCE« event without giving reasons.