Commitment to DIGITAL LEAN

The fact is, that world business is changing, and so teams that run it!

To compete in today’s progressive economy, your business must change and so teams that run it. It must continuously improve its performance, but improved performance, is usually not enough: improvement must be sustained and must fully engage the personnel within.

One of the biggest challenges most companies face today is to do more with less, and this requires change.

Traditional lean is based on the idea, that tasks should be executed faster, better and more cost-effectively, with employees engaged as full partners in continuous improvement. Lean management has so achieved great success in quite demanding manufacturing environments in nearly all industries.


Today, lean is one of the most powerful approaches, but it became more and more complex. Total workforce is included in kaizen activities on a daily basis. In a target-oriented LEAN approach, employees are also actively coached and guided by a leader (eg a group or team leader) to act as a basis for the learning organization. The success and documentation of the improvement steps are therefore highly dependent on the skills of executives. Because of that, LEAN is currently being carried out in many companies either in a completely unstructured or in a traditional way with paper-based documentation. At that point digitalization concepts can support the effectiveness and efficiency of a LEAN system.

Commitment to DIGITAL LEAN

The question is how to harness digital technology’s power to adapt and compete?

We’ve observed, learned and listened to our customer's needs and problems in practice, and through the decade developed the unique DIGITAL LEAN solution named PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD®.

It includes simple and user-friendly tools, based on different world-known lean methods, transparency, with an overview of the history and capitalization of valuable past experiences.


PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® tools will transform your entire business culture from the bottom up and vice versa, resulting in sustainable improvements that will increase your productivity, efficiency, quality, safety and reduce the number of failures. It will also increase value for your customers.

PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® contains set of tools, that are designed for the implementation of the world's most recognized methods and tools of LEAN practices such as: 5S, Kaizen, TPM - Total Productive Maintenance, PDCA, DMAIC, problem solving, projects of chronic losses or waste elimination, treatment of near misses, management of potential risks for errors or abnormalities, tool for setting and deploying goals whith daily management system of the KPI - Key Performance Indicators, in carrying out audits and other assessments, for the management of major failure and cronical breakdowns on machines, visual management ...


PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD is an advanced digital technology, which in a combination of operational and organizational LEAN practices, helps you to achieve business excellence.

For successful implementation and efficient daily use of PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD tools, we offer you all the necessary support, education, consulting, coaching.

With our knowledge and more than 30 years of experiences we can help you move faster and with fewer risks or surprises. Our solutions are universal, so we will not destroy your existing systems, but upgrade them.

What it is important, is that it optimises existing systems and operations!

The monthly price for PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD cloud solution, besides rental fee, also include services for basic support, provided with online conferencing, emails or phone.

We will provide you complete instructions for use, lead you by your example and guide you, to get out the best of our tools. Tools can be adapted by any county and almost all languages.

The software is available around the whole world. In some countries, we offer support also in local language, through our certified network partners. They are only the best consultants with many years of practical experience and have the ability to support and also implement the different tools into practice.

Otherwise, we offer support in the English language.



Onsite Training

For all PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® tools, we offer relevant advice and training courses on-site, at your facility or training in place of your choice.

For all those who would like special or additional training or have specific needs, we will do our best to satisfy you. Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing, so our practitioners will help you experience the implementation from first hand. On your demand, we will work alongside the manufacturing floor. The advantage of on-site training is that we can work on real cases and knowledge.

Sometimes the results will vary by industry, current stage of maturity of your practices, and your leadership's commitment to implementing a sustainable integrative improvement system.

Thanks to our professional staff and continuous improvements of all tools and services, we are confident that we will fully meet your needs. We are also opened for your suggestions.

Public Training

We offer group training at different places, usually 3 or 4 times per year at our place or at countries where our partners or PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® consultants are present.

The advantages of group training include:

  1. Learning all about PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® methods in a cost-effective manner;
  2. Exchanging knowledge and experiences with people from different backgrounds.

We are convinced, that we will help you automate your processes quickly and affordable.

Check our offer!


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