DAM Daily Audit Management

Daily Audit Management

DAM is a software tool for structured implementation of audits, diagnostics, and other assessments on the basis of questions or criteria.

Assessment is carried out using a computer, tablets, or smart phones. The program includes direct communication and managing corrective actions, resulting from the findings of the evaluation.

The tool can perfectly replace classic audit implementation and other assessments through questionnaires on paper and administration of activities in table form.

Daily Audit Management_Action list

Perform audits:

  Simply and efficiently.

  With a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

✔ Without loss of information and a simple history overview.


For all those who perform audits, assessments, diagnosis, and other assessments.

Tool for verification of ISO standards implementation.

Tool for identifying and managing hazardous events.

Indispensable in the methods of continuous improvement.

Utility for working place observation, „GEMBA WALK“ …

Advantages compared to classical audits and other assessments, we make on paper:

  • Shorten the time to prepare the questionnaires.
  • Information is stored on the web server, which we can access with a username and password, anywhere we have internet access.
  • Save materials, since there is no need to print documents.
  • We are more efficient because there is no need for copying, scanning, archiving documents.
  • Easier implementation of field assessment, questionnaires are more transparent, assessment is selected simply by pressing the symbol.
  • We do not have problems with handwriting.
  • We are not limited by space.
  • Besides textual interpretation, it is also possible to add documents and interpretations on images directly (photos, documents and evidence).
  • Keeping all cases (problems and projects), and certain activity is centralized in a common list.
  • Showing a direct link between findings and performed activities.
  • The database of all audits is reasonable and archived in one place; no searching for documents across different locations.
  • Searching for previous cases and findings is easy and quick.
  • It is possible directly to inform the activity owners, superiors, or involved in the findings and results of the Audit through e-mail.
  • Automatic notification of latecomers, forwarding messages, exporting selected activities to the calendar...
  • Integrated standard analytics of missed deadlines, activity owners, results, and trend of progression...
  • Possible exporting to excel for individual data processing.
Daily Audit Management Cases

Computer application PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD® allows you to:

 Shorten a case process time up to 25%.

 Increase OUTPUT by 45%.

Improve supervision and transparency between all hierarchical levels by 100%.

✔  Improve satisfaction of employees.

 Raise the quality and robustness of information processing in real time.