We are happy to share some highlights from our LEAN ACADEMY event.

We thank all participants for their presence and support. We especially thank Mr Boris Šturm from the company Polycom for a fascinating and informative presentation of best practices in introducing and disseminating LEAN production methods in his company. We would also like to thank Mr Romuald Llorca from the company SESA SYSTEMS from France for presenting useful tools for introducing the 5S method. Thanks also to our CEO Mr Bojan Šinkovec, who explained to us with his practical experience how to successfully set up a LEAN organization and a LEAN strategy and overcome challenges along the way.
The contributions and insights into practice were invaluable, so we thank everyone who gave us their time and effort.

🎈 In October of last year, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our company, but due to circumstances, we were unable to celebrate it then. That’s why we took the opportunity at this event and surprised our visitors with a beautiful and tasty cake.

At the same time, we decided that it was time to update our company’s graphic design after ten years, so we prepared a new, more modern logo.
We are happy that we have been the official distributor of the SESA SYSTEMS company for ten years and have helped many companies with higher-quality modular products for visual communication, the design of ergonomic workplaces, safety, and quality…
We are particularly proud of our PERFORMANCE STORYBOARD digital solution, which has seen significant progress. We switched to the 3rd generation of tools at the beginning of this year. Today, it is a unique tool for managing LEAN or lean processes at home and worldwide. We have upgraded it with the latest technologies and functionalities to satisfy the demanding criteria of global business partners.

Thank you for attending our event, and we hope to see you again next year.

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