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ESB - Enterpise Schedule Builder

Agile management of systematic projects and events!

Do you have regular weekly or monthly working meetings, such as coordination meetings, monthly progress or project reviews, cross-functional groups, or team's activities & projects?

Creating dozens or hundreds of individual events may not be the best use of your time. You certainly have a huge amount of work to do with organizing meetings and monitoring projects. Also, keeping various minutes, reports and lists, and informing the participants is a considerable challenge for everyone.

With the ESB, you can manage a whole series of events and projects from a single source. Convening and organizing events can be a pleasant task. You simply create an event that you run regularly, choose a date, set a theme, and finally invite all the participants. All this with just a few clicks.

You gain much time as you significantly improve your overview of events and participants and information.

When managing various events or meetings, we can clearly define:

INPUT — clearly define the necessary information about the event and plan it,

OUTPUT — we compile minutes on an ongoing basis and define activities with those responsible and set deadlines for implementation.

If you have regular meetings and project reviews, you can input important findings, attach photos, determine activities, make and send minutes in real-time.


  • On simple and efficient way.
  • Assure task management according to the PDCA cycle.


  • Systematic events and meetings
  • Continuous improvement activities
  • Project reviews.


  • Shorten a work process time up to 25%
  • Increase productivity by 45%
  • Improve supervision and transparency between all hierarchical levels by 100%
  • Improve engagement and satisfaction of employees
  • Raise the quality and robustness of information processing in real time
  • Great user experience