SAM - Small Activity Management

More than just task management.

SAM - Small Activity Management: Increase the efficiency and organization of your tasks.

The SAM module is an innovative digital solution for task management that enables individuals and teams to effectively execute small moves in achieving their goals. With a focus on agile management methods such as SCRUM, tagging, near miss management, deviation management, simple problem solving, and root cause analysis, SAM revolutionizes how you approach task management.

The SAM module includes PDCA functionality, which allows for structured and visual management of activities from start to finish. Tasks are visually represented as KANBAN cards, automatically sorted by priority and date, providing a clear overview of all tasks.

The SAM module also incorporates the 5 Whys Analysis, which provides numerous advantages for effective problem-solving and continuous improvement.

With the KANBAN activity management model included in the SAM module, your work will become more manageable, and coordination meetings will become unnecessary, the number of ineffective emails and phone calls will be reduced. SAM helps you stay organized with reminders and eliminates the need for unnecessary questions.


The KANBAN system included in the SAM module offers several advantages for efficient task management:

Visual workflow: KANBAN provides a visual representation of tasks, allowing for easy monitoring of progress and status of each activity. This visual workflow enables better tracking and improves overall transparency.

Improved collaboration: With KANBAN, team members can easily visualize and understand the tasks assigned to each person. This promotes collaboration as it becomes clear who is responsible for each activity and enables effective communication within the team.

Flexibility: The KANBAN system allows for flexibility in prioritizing tasks. When new tasks or changes arise, they can be easily incorporated into the workflow, ensuring agility and adaptability to a dynamic work environment.

Continuous improvement: KANBAN fosters a mindset of continuous improvement by encouraging regular reviews. This helps identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement, leading to a recurring workflow optimisation process and increased productivity over time.

Forget about outdated spreadsheets that are not up-to-date. With the SAM module, activities and tasks are transparently managed in a structured and up-to-date manner, providing instant insight into progress.

The SAM module is a versatile tool that can be used in various work processes. It caters to different needs, including task management, near-miss management, SCRUM processes, tagging systems, Gemba walks, the 5 Whys approach, improvement suggestion management, and simple problem-solving. It offers a universal solution to streamline your workflow and ensure efficient task execution.


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  • In a structured and visual way
  • With a universal solution for many different work processes
  • Work on a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Possibility of custom functionalities
  • Free trial period
  • Personal support


  • Task management
  • Near miss management
  • Tagging
  • Gemba walk
  • 5 x Why
  • PDCA functionality
  • Suggestions management
  • Simple problem-solving.


  • Shorten a work process time up to 25%
  • Increase productivity by 45%
  • Improve supervision and transparency between all hierarchical levels by 100%
  • Improve engagement and satisfaction of employees
  • Raise the quality and robustness of information processing in real time
  • Great user experience